Importance of Eye Testing

In today’s working environment, given the ever-increasing expectations for efficiency and performance, good vision is critical to ensure the ability to produce good results. Today’s job profile, family entertainment, and even household tasks often require some degree of computer usage. Studies have shown that approximately 10 million people suffer from vision problems caused by the prolonged exposure to the computer. Regular, comprehensive eye exams are extremely important in early detection of eye diseases and should be part of your eye care regime. Quite often comprehensive eye exams are confused with eye screening tests. A screening test is done within a few minutes and tests for blurs, common eye diseases and muscle coordination. 

The sooner the problems are diagnosed, the better are the chances of a successful treatment.

  • Many studies have a report on Early Detection discovered that much of the population remains largely unaware of how important routine eye exams are to their health and well being. In many countries people at increased risk for vision loss are unaware of the risks of certain eye diseases, therefore fail to take advantage of early detection measures available from eye care professionals.
  • The study conducted by the Global Campaign Report suggested most people failed to get regular check ups in part because they did not realize anything was wrong with their eyes. However, even if your eyes seem to function well, it is important you get annual or at least bi-annual exams to help predict and detect problems down the road early on.