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Ultra Light Eye Frames

Ultra Light Eye Frames

Titanium frames are the most lightweight, durable —"twice as sturdy as stainless steel"— and corrosion proof. Also, being hypo-allergenic they are not going to irritate your skin over time. Titanium eyewear can be produced in a variety of colors for a clean, modern look.

Compared with ordinary metal frames, titanium glasses are extremely lightweight, It also retains its color much better than other types of metals used in eyeglasses frames. So for those who rely on eyeglasses or those with high myopia/hyperopia, titanium glasses are an ideal choice.

Tag Heuer TH 0302

Titanium glasses are not just light weight but also highly flexible, if bent, titanium glasses will recover at least 98% of their original shape.

So it's a perfect choice for those who need eyewear as a must in their lifestyle, it’s light weight makes it extremely comfortable to wear for an entire day.